LED/LCD, 3D TV, Smart TV Repair Training courses

LCD LED TV repait courses sri lanka

Classes will commence on 2020 July 18 of Saturday . All kind of LCD/LED TV repair course for beginner.

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LED/LCD, 3D TV, Smart TV Repair Training course details

You don't need previous knowledge of electronics. with 100% practical knowledge.
We practice you, to be a professional in repairing all kind of LCD/LED 3D TV. This course teaches you step-by-step how to repair all kind of LCD/LED TV. The advantage of our program is, you will be able to start your own TV repair center after completing of our course.


(1) Identifying the Basic Block Diagram of LCD Television
In this Chapter we learn to identify the basic block diagrams of LCD TV and their functions
-Liquid Crystal Displays
-The Power Supply Board
-The Inverter Board
-The Main Processing Board
-The Controller/T-Con Unit
-The LCD Driver Unit
-The Standby Circuit

(2) Introduction to LCD Technology Under this chapter we compare the CRT Technology vs LCD Technology. And discuss the advantages/disadvantages by the comparison of these Technologies.

-SD, HD, FULL HD, 2K & 4K System advantage
-PPS Advantages
-Colour Quality
-Smart apps how to working
-Storage Details
-Update & flash rom
-How to programme rom
-HDMI data system

(3) Tools and Equipments in LCD Repair
This chapter introduces the tools and equipments specially used in LCD repair.
-Analog Multimeter, Digital Multi Meter, Hot Air Soldering Station, Rebolling Machine, Digital Microscope.

(4) How to Disassemble an LCD TV
Under this Chapter we give the hands-on experience to disassemble and assemble a LCD TV
.-Basic Tools used in Disassembling.
-Basic precautions used in disassembly process

(5) Familiarize with the Quick-Diagnosis of a Fault
This chapter introduces how to identify a common Faults we find in LCD TVs.
-Quick diagnosis to identify which part is defective .Is it in the main board, inverter circuit ,power board, t-con , or Display panel ?

(6) Fault Finding & Repair Techniques
This Chapter introduces the common faults encountered in LCD TVs and tips to troubleshoot them.
-Connection Problems
-PSU (Power Supply Unit) Failures
-Inverter Board Failures
-Main Board Failures
-No Video,No Audio
-OSD/Menu Failure
-White Screen
-Rainbow Screen
-Screen Flashes Then TV Shuts Down
-No Back light
-Lines In Picture
-And other types of faults

+ Bonas Package
(7) Multimedia Projectors
-Principle of Operation
-Common faults
-Basic Maintenance and Troubleshooting
(diagrams Soft Copies are provided as Course Materials)

Course Duration 3 months.
Course Fee Rs. 24,000.00

For more details.
Course Coordinator,
Micro vision Technologies,
No: 290,Thelawala Road,
M.T Lavinia.
Mobile :- 0755 273 220 / 0770 171 469

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